Recovery Software Overview

RecoveryMaxxTracking and monitoring your data on a daily basis is the key to the success of your Recovery Department.  RecoveryMaxx offers several ways to access your data in convenient reporting options.  Providing your legal information in a single, customizable area increases efficiency and enhances your overall recoveries.

Key Features:

  • Garnishment Tracking
  • Automated Printing of Legal Documents
  • Ability to Print Documents in Batch Format
  • Recovery Income Tracking
  • Customized Collector Work-lists
  • Internet Based
  • Secured Hosting Data
  • Integrated with Your DMS or Stand Alone Solution

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About CJR Development, Inc.

CJR Inc. LogoCJR Development, Inc. is a research and development company that branched off of Auto Master Systems, the company that developed the leading database management system for the buy-here-pay-here automobile industry. Its ownership has over thirty years combined experience in the software development and used automobile industry. Each member of our team has worked with numerous large-scale dealerships and finance companies alike. We understand the goal of recovering bad debt: to increase that ever so important bottom line.

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